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What is @the HUB?

@the HUB is a Community Project, a space for all, to improve quality and conditions of life, to develop skills and to meet local needs. A safe place, a haven, a place of peace, a place of respite.

It is a non-threatening and non-judgemental space to meet with support workers or other agency staff, to access help and advice with benefits, debt, housing issues and health and addiction issues. A signposting service for those with nowhere else to turn, and no-one else to ask. It is  “an address” for those with no other.

It is a place to be respected, and to show respect to others. To come together for the greater good. To play a board game, do a puzzle, watch a film or simply sit and chat.

It is a place where skills can be explored – creativity can come to the fore, a place where things can be made or fixed or up-cycled, and new skills learnt.

A facility for the disadvantaged in Ross to use during the day, to shower, to wash their clothes, to have a hot meal, and a quiet cup of tea or coffee.

There is internet access, workspaces, laundry facilities and bathroom facilities. It is staffed by paid members of staff, and volunteers, who will listen, who won’t judge, and who will make and develop further connections with those who have no other forms of social interaction available to them.

We seek to help those who do not have the resources to provide for themselves the normal trappings of life which most of us take for granted, and therefore to improve the quality of life.

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If you’re facing challenges with housing, health, or financial issues, remember you’re not alone. @the HUB is here to provide the help you need. Reach out to us for confidential advice and support in a safe and welcoming environment.

Roy’s story, in his own words.

“My struggles began in childhood. I was openly told I was not wanted and was brutally beaten daily, I was in and out of hospital regularly from a young age. When I was finally able to leave home I struggled to hold down a job for any real length of time and was never able to see any positives as to my future and the path ahead.”

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